Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lately + Baby Story

I'm sorry I am so neglectful of our blog.  Now that we live closer to family I just don't document like I should.  Hopefully it will start changing soon.

Much has changed since the last post.
Tyler got a job with IHC and it has been such a blessing.  He finishes the MHA at the end of April and then will have the MBA complete this December!  We see the light at the end of the tunnel!  It is still a little small, but at least it's there.

Mandy got pregnant and had a baby!

Emma is now 4 going on 13.  She is the sassiest little thing I have ever come across...and I don't know how it happened.  I've tried.  I really have, but despite my best efforts she has one large attitude.   Her favorite phrases to say to me are:
"I don't care"
"That's not fair"
"Oh my gosh"
She is also a huge drama queen.  Her latest drama dilemma is trying to have everything match.  For example, I was trying to be a nice, fun mom the other day and paint nails.  It went great.  The next morning Emma picked out an outfit to match her nails.  Great!  Then they played dress up.  There was a full on tantrum (crying, screaming etc) because her nails didn't match her dress up and she wanted them changed.  This happened with every dress up.  Another morning she cried on the floor because the cup containing her chocolate milk didn't match her pajamas.  Ya.
She still has a very sweet side though.  She is always the one to make other people feel better.  If you are sad or crying, she comes over and gives you a hug, then strokes your arm and tells you its ok.  She is also a big helper with the new baby.   She is definitely a little mommy.  We have to watch her very closely.

Lydia is now 2.  She is also quite stubborn.  I thought her sister was bad at that age, and she was, but Lydia definitely gives her a run for her money.  This child cannot be bribed with anything.  Emma could usually be bribed to eat or do something, but not Lydia.  She definitely knows when to call our bluff, and it sucks.  But being stubborn can sometimes be a good thing.  She is definitely more independent than her sister was at this age.  She potty trained right after her birthday and now insists on dressing and buckling herself...among other things.
She is also a big helper.  I call her my little Cinderella.  She loves to help clean and do laundry.  Whenever anyone tracks in dirt/mud through the kitchen floor, she comes and asks me for a wipe so she can clean it up.  Then she thanks me for letting her do it.  I just pray she stays this way!

Annabeth is 2 weeks old. She is the calmest, sweetest baby and we are so in love.  She gave us quite a scare after she was born though.  I told Tyler, her labor and delivery were by far the best, but after that it was by far the worst.
Last Saturday Tyler and I stayed up late watching a movie.  Around midnight I noticed my contractions started changing.  They felt lower, but still not painful.  So a little before 2:00am we started timing them and they were between 2 and 4 minutes apart, but again, not painful at all.  We felt that this was still true labor and to avoid having another experience like Lydia's we decided to call my mom to come watch the girls while we went to the hospital.  She lives almost an hour a way so we had considered calling someone else to come until she could get here but again, my contractions were not painful so we decided to wait.  After my mom and sister arrived we left for the hospital and got there a little before 4:00.  I prayed the whole drive that this was true labor and that they wouldn't send me home.  So when we got to the hospital, I insisted on walking the stairs to the 4th floor where labor and delivery were to see if that would create some painful contractions.  No.  I could tell the nurses didn't believe I was in labor either.  I didn't blame them.  I walked in all smiling and calm and told them I was in labor and having contractions.  So they sent to me triage to monitor my contractions and check my cervix.  Tyler asked how I was feeling.  I told him I was nervous because I felt my contractions were slowing down and they would send me home. After the thousand check-in questions and such they finally checked my cervix.  They told me it was a good thing we came in because I was at a 7+ and would definitely be admitted to labor and delivery.  They said if I wanted to get an epidural it was now or never so I said yes...again to avoid another experience like Lydia's!  Then a little after 7:00, I was "complete" so they called the doctor to come break my water.  After they broke it, baby started sliding down and after 3 pushes she was out!  The most painful part of the process was getting the epidural.  I definitely can't complain! 7lbs 10 oz and 18 inches of perfect.
Then it went downhill from there.  They put her on my chest immediately afterward and she wasn't crying.  She squawked like twice, and she was also purple.  They took her over to the incubator and put the oxygen mask on her.  As long as they were pumping that thing she was fine, but she just couldn't do it on her own.  So they took her to the transitional nursery and put her on vapotherm...essentially like a humidifier through the oxygen tube they put in/on her nose.  She started at a 4.5 and if she could get down to a 1.0 in 6 hours she would be considered breathing on her own.  They monitored her for 8 hours and the lowest she could get was 2.5.  Anytime they went lower she struggled.  So they admitted her to the NICU and had to put an IV in her scalp and give her a feeding tube and such.  It was awful. They said best case scenario she is only there for 48 hours.  If not it will probably be about 4-5 days Both Tyler and I just broke down crying.
All 3 of us received blessings and were assured that everything would be ok.
Then I joke that after everyone went to bed and said their prayers on her behalf she kicked into gear because around 11:00pm she decided enough was enough and ripped out her breathing and feeding tubes and was a completely different baby!  The nurse called us down and she was able to nurse for the first time and was doing awesome.  She still continued to do great and by 5:00pm Monday they transferred her over to the TLC unit.  She still did well on her oxygen so we got to keep her most of the morning Tuesday and took her home with us Tuesday afternoon.  It was truly a tender mercy.
And besides from being very tired we are loving having her home and a part of our family.

And now for some pictures:

First time holding her
 In the NICU with all the tubes. So sad.
 I told Tyler she reminded me of Snow White.

No tubes!

 Going Home!

At home with Big Sister/Little Mama

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Two Girls on Tuesday

I know its not Tuesday, but just pretend.
Not much going on this week.  We got everything gathered for the girls' costumes for this upcoming weekend.  They are going to be...Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf!!!  I just couldn't resist.  It's going to be epic.  As for the girls this week?  Well..

Lydia - is watching her sister's every move as we are coming to find out.  This week she found her sister's camera, held it up to her eyes and walked around the downstairs saying "cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese" over and over again.
   She has also started "going places" like her sister.  She grabs Emma's backpack and walks to the back door saying "bye, bye, bye" over and over again.

Emma - has started saying all sorts of silly stuff.  I need to start writing them down sooner so I can remember them.  So far, the ones I do remember were
E: Mom, you play blocks with me?
Me: Sure.
E: I'm SOOO Happy!!
(Guess I need to play with her more often)

Then tonight she hit her lower back on my bed frame.  She was hysterical and when she was calm enough to talk (but still hysterical)...
Me: You want to show grandma your bum?
E; (grandpa)
(Guess we need to work on what is appropriate and what is not appropriate!)

Emma also fell in love with Enchanted this past weekend.  She loves all the songs...especially when she can dance with daddy. :)

So cute!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Two Girls on Tuesday

Ugh.  You never realize how much you depend on a computer until you don't have one.  Not a tablet, not a phone, a computer.  I've really been stuggling.  It takes me forever to find all my favorite recipes, I can't save anything in nice organized folders...or really save anything.  Ugh. Oh well.
I have figured out that I can probably have the laptop on Tuesday mornings/afternoons, so here is to hoping I can post at least once a week. is what's been going on at our house...
About 2 weeks ago we went to Wheeler Farm with our besties, The Potters.  We had fun riding a wagon, petting the animals, a hay maze, and picking out pumpkins.
 I just love Sydney.

 Why yes, she is picking the goat's nose.  I have a disgusting child.  I know.
 She couldn't make up her mind.

 Emma was very proud of her pumpkin.

Many of you have seen this next story on facebook or instagram, but I still have to put it here for posterity sake.
So 2 weeks ago when it was magically cold for one day I had the girls put their jackets on before we left home. Emma's is a hot pink almost red and Lydia's is a light blue.  Emma put hers on and immediately says "I'm Little Red Riding Hood!"  Then looked at Lydia, "and Lydia's the wolf!  Ah!  She scary me!"  So then I told her Lydia was a nice wolf and she replied with, "Lydia a nice wolf, but she scary me!"
And now, whenever we put our jackets on, we have a similar conversation.

 Lydia the scary wolf.
Little Red Riding Hood

For family night we painted our pumpkins.  
Emma had a ball. One of her favorite activities ever is painting.

 Lydia preferred to just suck on the paint brushes.

 Emma's finishes pumpkin.  She's very proud.
 Our finished pumpkin.

Please excuse Emma's HORRIBLE hair cut.  She doesn't know the meaning of "sit still" so every time I would go to cut she would jerk and so I would try and fix it and it just kept getting worse and worse until I finally gave up.  At least hair grows back right?  Ugh.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A HUGE Update

So I realize I haven't posted anything in almost 3 months!  My bad.  BUT I have a good least that's what I tell myself.  So as you know, we made the huge trek across country from North Carolina to Utah the beginning of August...which I vow to never do again.  Along the way somewhere my camera got lost.  Losing any pictures we had taken along the way...including our stop in Nauvoo (note to self...never take children to Nauvoo.  Nauvoo is not a place for small children) So I had no camera until I got a new one for my birthday...made THAT easy for my husband this year.  Then our computer decided to die.  So...I had a camera, but no way of posting anything.  So then we got a new computer for Tyler to use for school...but he's using it almost 24/7...I mean with working on a dual master's what do you expect.  So I finally was able to steal it while he is out running if there are a lot of mistakes, it's because I'm rushed. :)

ANYWAY, we have made it successfully to Utah and thoroughly enjoying visiting with family and old friends.  We are, however, in a tiny, tiny townhome (like this is probably the smallest place we have ever been in...and yet the most expensive) and I am GREATLY struggling where to put things.  BUT at least we have a home and its in great location in a great neighborhood.  We are very happy.

Let's the last almost 3 months...
TYLER started his dual master's program at Weber State.  He is now SET on doing a dual degeree: MHA and MBA (Masters in Healthcare Administration and Masters in Business Administration)  It is a 2 1/2 to 3 year program.  Not too bad.  He is loving it though, which is great.  I've never seen him so excited about school.

MANDY turned 26 in August. Blah.  I feel old.  Its like after 25 you just go downhill from there (no offense to anyone) I've also started doing "crafty" stuff again, which has been nice.  I've missed it.

EMMA moved in to a "big" bed (aka no more toddler bed) finally gave up the binky, and is fully potty trained...even at night.  I am honestly shocked it went so well.  We did a potty training "boot camp" I found on pinterest and gave it a whirl.  It actually worked pretty well...but the thing that made it click the most was on day 2 I was pretty frustrated by dinner time and she wanted to go out and play on the slide.  I said (in an exasperated, sarcastic voice) that if she could go potty all by herself, without help from mommy or daddy then I would personally take her down the slide.  She said ok! and went into the bathroom and closed the door.  Two minutes later she comes out holding her potty.  She had definitely gone and had even wiped herself!  I was floored!  So I kept my promise and we went down the slide.  After that it was smooth sailing (for the most part).  Guess you really do just have to find what motivates them and go from there!

LYDIA has turned one year old.  And is a walking maniac.  She started walking at 11 months though.  We were down in St. George visiting my grandpa in the hospital and while playing in the waiting room for a few hours she decided to start walking.  It was great.  I love walking more than crawling...except this one gets into more mischief now.  Her favorite thing in the house is the toilet.  She loves to go play with the water in the toilet.  And better yet, she loves to sneak things INTO the water in the toilet.  I've been better at keeping the door closed, but occasionally I forget...and she notices those times; EVERY TIME.  Geez.  Oh well. Hopefully she grows out of it soon.

So that's us in a nutshell.  Here are a few pics from that last little while.
Until next time!

 I love this face

 Cake I made for our "Lydi-bug"

 She got really messy.  I promise.

 Birthday buddies!

Our latest project.  We're pretty proud of ourselves.